“We are the spray-painted graffiti on the Bhawan walls,

we are the midnight bakar,

we are the scribbling on the desks,

the whispered things nobody dares to say aloud.

We are the story everyone wants to hear,

the rumour mill,

the burning news,

the fine line between Pagan and Christian.

We know the secret passage to SB.

We know why Bhawan days are so farzi.

We stand in the abyss that separates B.Techs and M.Techs.

We are the cheap Doodh Patti that the canteen guy serves.

We are the proxies that stand between 74.9 and 75.1.

We are the force. We are the sham! We are WONA."

We are proud of our institute, which is perhaps both the best and the toughest place to spend one’s college days. If there’s any sign of unrest around, Watch Out! will be there, as the official campus news body, keeping pace with every twist and turn of any controversy and caper, only to aid IITR to move forward as the years go by.