All though this page should contain an obligatory copyright notice, we’re sure there was also one on the last Pink Floyd album you downloaded illegally. So there’s not really much point in including one here. What we do feel there’s a point in including is: A no-offense notice. Because let’s face it- We value our existence (however meaningless some people think it might be) more than the fate of an informal guide completed over multiple sleepless nights, mostly under the influence of weed necessary medication.

We hope the guide pissed off at least a few people. It would be a mammoth waste of time and effort if it didn’t. However we promise that all offenses were meant to be just light-hearted jokes intended to burn up a few calories. (Okay well- most, if not all. A few might just have been to vent out personal frustration)

That said, we hope you wouldn’t mind much.

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