Things change drastically when you enter the final year. Here for the final year students, the months of October, November and December are taken over by the placement season.

The Placement Season

This season, among all the seasons of IITR can be identified as the time of year when you start noticing the final year students heading towards the Placement Complex, dressed in borrowed suits. Like winters in Roorkee, placements go on for a very long time. Stating the obvious, placement and job availability are probably the only two things many JEE qualified students (that means you) consider before filling the form. So the writers of the guide, instead of criticising the underlying drawbacks of our existing education system, herd mentality of people and ultimately the overpopulation of our country, will enlighten you about the process of placement. Right now you need to know about 4 things:

  1. It begins and ends in fourth year.

  2. It is highly unpredictable.

  3. Your  CG, irrespective of the department, matters.

  4. Your starting job (which you’ll probably get after 4 (or 5) years from now) is not the thing you should be worried about right now.

The nature of companies who come to IITR for placements is quite diverse. We get software giants like Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Facebook, investment banks like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, oil and mining companies of Schlumberger, Shell and Rio Tinto and numerous other firms who give decent jobs in the domain of software, product development, finance and the core sectors of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

Placement Complex

This is probably one of the most mysterious places of IITR where unsuspecting students find themselves at the end of their stay, dressed in, as already mentioned, borrowed suits. This place is so complex, that even its name says so. On the outset, it looks like a usual building: with walls, windows and doors. However horror awaits the seniors inside as they are grilled on questions about science, technology and business, and then offered two biros: a red one and a blue one . Regardless of which one they pick, they’re ultimately rejected on grounds of having a below par GPA.

The building also houses the placement cell and offices for TIEDA and  EDC.