So you think only the highly intellectual can be eccentric? Check out the weird rules the administration has put up at IIT R.

  1. Stepping on lawns is strictly prohibited. You might get shot at sight, or worse, be exposed to two and a half hours of Gunda. There are exceptions of course; like if it’s your convo, or  poly results are being announced.

  2. Conversing/Looking at/Walking with the females in front of KB or SB is banned.

  3. For some weird reason, attendance at NSO is taken more seriously than at the lectures. No wonder students running for their NSO practice initially are in the later part the year found running from practice.

  4. But the attendances in lectures are important too. You can see the administration putting out short attendances notices, sometimes after the exam has been conducted.

  5. No pizza or any other delivery in campus after 9pm. If you crave it so bad, you can drag your lazy self to the Century Gate and fetch it yourself. (This one is not adhered to all the time, thankfully.)

  6. There is no way you should attempt or even think about attempting your tutorials on your own. It might result in epileptic seizure, social ridicule or in the worst case, bad grades

  7. Sleeping in the library is prohibited. You’d think it is obvious, but wait till you open textbooks in the library. The induced sleep can knock you out in seconds. On the other hand, watching TV Shows with your paramour and PDA in the journal section is not.

  8. The girls are locked in their Bhawans after 11pm. Yes, locked in! And all notices referring to them as ‘inmates’ don’t help much either.

  9. Under no circumstances should you send cheeky messages or poke the better looking females of the institute on online social media without knowing them personally. It might result in you getting blocked, reported, or both.

  10. Asking a fellow fresher his JEE rank is fine. As long as you don’t offer yours in response.