1. Chapo:

    (n.)Traditionally meaning chai-pakoda, this term has been now reduced to mean party or treat, or in the worst case, as a euphemism for ‘I like you, but I don’t really have any topic to talk with you. Can we meet?’

    “Hey Meenakshi! What about your birthday chapo?” “My birthday was last month. Jerk.”

  2. Machau / Macha diya:

    (v.)The term people use when somebody opens a tightly closed bottle in IIT-R, or does anything of equal value.

    “Hey, you finally downloaded new bhajans from DC++. Macha diya!”

  3. Ghissu:

    (n.)The kind of person everyone wants to become, but can’t; and therefore subjects those who can to social ridicule. Characterised by high GPA and (generally) absent social life. Read more.

    “What! Abhijeet got a grace mark from sir because of his regularity and attention in class and managed to clear his backlog? That ghissu! “

  4. Maal

    (n.)Fresh plant leaves with medicinal value.

    “Bahaut tension ho rahi hai bhai. Thoda maal milega?”

  5. P (said:Sac-Pee)

    (n.)The president of SAC.

    “Hey Rahul. Quick question - which letter comes after ‘O’?” “I don’t know man. I don’t think we are allowed to take His name for no reason”

  6. Bhabhiji

    (n.)The girl your wingmate talked to/looked at.

    “Arre, what are your views on Priya? She texted me if I knew whether tomorrow is a holiday or not.” “Bhabhiji is totally asking for it man.”

  7. Baba

    (n.)That guy in every hostel wing who looks like he’ll die from a heart attack any day now. Generally recognised by a receding hairline or a father like attitude towards the other wingmates.

    “Bhai. Jaldi chal. Side waale wing ke baba ka birthday hai!” “Ab kaunse waala?”

  8. Chep

    (n.)(chep-ness,adj.)Person(generally male) characterised by ludicrous and cheap means to woo/impress/stalk another person(generally female).

    Laughing, “That guy is so after me. He first sent me a friend request and then when I left my notebook in class the other day, picked it up and handed it to me” “Hehe. Looks like another chep” “Ikr! What is wrong with these IIT guys?!”

  9. Dulla

    (n.)Person enrolled in a Dual Degree course.

    “Wo Dulla hai yaar. We can’t trust him.”

  10. Bakchodi

    (v.) Gossips which lead to no logical conclusion. Or in general, gossips which have no logic whatsoever.

    “Bhai kya bakchodi pel raha hai?”

  11. Bakchod

    (n.) A term used to describe someone who frequently indulges in Bakchodi. or
    A worthless person or thing. or
    Any course offered by the Humanities department.

    “Rajeev bakchod banda hai yaar. He still believes RG should’ve been the PM of this country.”

  12. Bakar

    (n.) Gossips in general. Accounts for 80% of all activity inside hostels.

    “Kuch productive karte hai yaar. Kabse bakar kaat rahe hai.”

  13. Bandi

    (n.) A person characterised by the presence of two X-chromosomes. A rare species in IIT. A D.U. guy talking with someone from the Mechanical Deptt. of any IIT.

    “Want to hear a joke?” “Yeah!” “Bandi” “I don’t get it” “Exactly.”

  14. Bond

    (n./adj.) A person known by his command over a particular field. or The most common username in Counter Strike.

    “Ankur bond hai yaar. Wo manage kar lega. We should start the project.”

  15. Chapai / Chapna

    (v.) Copying (especially assignments). A term heavily used the night before submissions of any kind.

    “ Tut de be, chapna hai”

  16. Chaggi

    (n.) A person whose CG is 6.something. He/She can be characterised by a light-minded approach towards life and (thereafter) tense expressions during placements. Similarly we have satti, atthi, nehli and dassi.

    “Bhai tera paper hi toh chepa tha. Teri atthi lagi aur meri chaggi?”

  17. Cogni

    (n.) Short for Cognizance.

    “Mere paas bangla hai, gadi hai, paisa hai……. tumhare paas kya hai?” Cogni ka certi., bitch.”

  18. Despo

    (adj.) Short for desperate. An innocuous substitute for chep. A person can be desperate for food, money or bandi .

    “30 messages in 3 days? Bada despo banda hai yaar.”

  19. Enthu

    (n.) Short for enthusiasm. Seen in every person (generally fresher) recognised by his undying devotion to Cogni or Thomso activities (mostly involving setting up chairs or receiving guests at the station or sticking up posters in bhawan walls)

    “Civil waale facche ko de de be ye kaam. Bada enthu hai usmei”

  20. Faadu

    (adj,) A proud and big achievement. A (rarely used) substitute for Machau.

    “Bada faadu kaam kiya hai yaar”

  21. Gaaon

    (n.)Area where Rajendra, Cautley and Ganga bhawans are located. This area is far from main campus area and is generally recognised by a simple lifestyle and zero interference with major campus affairs.

    “Yeh gaaon mera hai aur main is gaaon kaa Bajirao Singham.”

  22. Lassu

    (n./adj.)A person who runs after girls, either literally or metaphorically. This term is highly popular in some other IITs, not so much in R.

    “Ankit toh lassu hai yaar. Usse kya udhaar maangna.”

  23. Matka

    (n.)A person pursuing his M.Tech degree from IIT. or A species indigenous to just a few hostels with low standards of personal hygiene and lamentable (or no) dressing sense. Statutory Warning: Use of this term is highly frowned upon in Govind, Cautley and Ravindra Bhawans. Avoid as far as possible.

    “Yaar ye matke bhi hadd karte hai”

  24. Net

    (n.)A worldwide interconnection of computer networks which can be exploited for exchange of information, to boost businesses, improve academics or build scalable products to improve the lives of millions. Sadly reduced to a tool for stalking your crushes or salivating over cute kitten videos on youtube.

    “Bhai bahaut bore ho raha hu. (sad smiley)” “Net down hai kya be?’

  25. Phodu

    (adj.)A substitute for Bond.

    “RGV is a phodu director. Not.”

  26. Room-baap

    (n.)The senior who stayed in the same room in which you are staying in 1st year. or The asshole who broke the corner leg of your bed and scribbled unmentionable somethings on your wall.

    “Jaanta hai mera room-baap kaun hai?”

  27. Tut

    (n.)Short for tutorial. Refers to an assignment professors give in the (unrealistic) hope of students completing it by themselves and submitting on time. Has some weightage in your final CG, so don’t risk even trying to solve it yourself. Might result in several backlogs and/or unintentional hatred directed toward those who copied it and got dassis.

    “This Maths tut is like a girl’s attention. I just don’t get it.”

  28. Fachcha

    (n.)A fresher in college, i.e, someone in the first year of his college. Recognised by die-hard optimism and high hopes which soon vanish under the dying smoke of sutta and effect of certain liquid carbon compounds.

    In an interview of PM section: “Haan, Kabir. Why should we select you in our group?”

    “Sir, Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon… bus rukna nahi chahta”

    “Bas kar fachche. You’re in.”

  29. Poly

    (n.)A purposive act of building contacts through conversational skills, good looks and (if nothing else works) running around doing menial jobs in Thomso or Cogni; through which you snatch away future opportunities from more deserving candidates. Short for politics.

    “Mere department mein bahaut poly chalti hai yaar”

  30. Bhajans

    (n.)A class of folders found on DC++ containing educational videos which students watch, sometimes night-long. Available on a wide variety of subjects (read: categories) and are largely taste-dependent. It is highly recommended that you download and keep a few for on your hard disk, just in case the prof. announces a surprise quiz.

    “Saale, teen baj gaye aur to soya nahi?! What’s up?” “Kuch khaas nahi. Bas bhajan sun raha tha bhai. (poker face)”

  31. DC++

    (n.) Remember back when we told you that the Cinema Club is what stands between students and mass- suicides in IIT-R? Guess what- we were lying. Actually they do, to a certain extent. But the major responsibility for this stands on the shoulders of the geeks who have built this life-saving tool. Designed to share files, documents and videos of all sort, DC++ comes in handy when downloading complete seasons of Prison Break at ultra-fast speeds.

    “Bhai DC++ ni hota toh mera kya hota!”

  32. Prison Break

    (n.) The T.V. series which every fresher invariably watches in his first year.

  33. Breaking Bad

    (n.) The T.V. series which every fresher should watch in his first year.

  34. TA

    (n.)Short for Teaching Assistant. Basically refers to a Matka who can cause trouble in your life. As a rule of thumb, you should refrain from calling any M.Tech. student matka; more so if he takes your tutorial/practical classes. Avoid getting into trouble with them as far as possible.

    “Duniya mei teen cheezei kabhi underestimate mat karna: I, me, aur apne T.A. ki chaud”

  35. Chaud

    (n.) This term is IIT-R’s in-house version of aukat. Your reputation on the campus and your relationship status largely determine your chaud. People with a higher positive value of this variable can get shit done quickly. People with low/negative value can usually be spotted flocking around them. E.g.

    “Hello sir. Mai Munna Jazzbaati. Suna hai iss college mei aapki kaafi chaud hai?”

  36. Haddu

    (n.) Term used by majority of R-junta to refer to anyone who is from Hyderabad or Term used by Delhiites to refer to anyone who is from South India.

    “Aur haddu! Kaisa hai be?” “I’m from Chennai. TDC.”

  37. Kholu

    (n.) Literally meaning opener, in IIT- R this term refers to the person who opens the institute and/or branch by fetching the best rank in JEE-Adv. in the institute or the corresponding branch.

    “Humaari branch ka kholu kaun hai be?”

  38. Convo

    1) (n.)Short for Convocation. Refers to a grand event where the graduating batch receives its degrees, sometimes from the hands of eminent personalities like Kapil Sibal. Students usually dress like it’s a funeral and have been often observed throwing their hats in the air- for no discernable reason whatsoever.

    “Apni convo kab hai yaar?”

    2) (n.) Convocation Hall. It is situated next to the Century Gate and hosts the Convocation Ceremony (hence the name). Freshers have to collect their forms and instructions from here when they join. To ensure that the hall is not put out of use for most part of the year, it is also utilised to host cultural events and guest lectures during college fests.

    “Where is the convo be?”

  39. Cogni certi

    (n.)Short for Cognizance certificate. Is just like a Starbucks mocha: everyone craves one, no one knows why. More than his participation; this piece of paper serves as certification of the receiver’s knack for making bad decisions. Similarly we have certificates for participation in Thomso.

    “Hey. I heard you’re working for Cognizance organising committee this year?”

    “Yeah” “But…why?”

    “Cognizance is the second largest technical fest in Asia. Being part of its organising committee brings you in contact with some really talented people, boosts your personality development and gives you an opportunity to explore various dimensions of college life.”


    “Plus they give you a really cool certi. at the end”

  40. GPL

    (n.)The exact full-form of this acronym remains a controversy, so we will provide you with a less gross version. GPL stands for Grand Picchhwada Laat. It is the holy ceremony of constant butt-smashing that takes place:
    On your birthday. On any day your friends feel like doing it. GPL is instantaneous. GPL is brief. GPL is fun (not for the person on the receiving end).

    “Yar, the Prof made me Class Representative today.” “Abey dekh kya rahe ho, GPL lo saale ki!”