Production and Industrial Engineering is a sister branch of Mechanical Engineering. The undergrads are basically Mechanical Engineers in making, only with an easier lifestyle and a larger number of female students in their batch.

An industrial engineer has wide knowledge of engineering practices and is aware of management challenges related to production. Most manufacturing houses look out for engineers who specialize in this field so as to reduce cost, increase efficiency and make their products marketable in this competitive era. P&I, as a branch, is offered only in IIT-D and IIT-R, along with a similar branch in IIT-KGP, making it all the more unique.

Production and Industrial engineering, as the name suggests, comprises of two different specializations. Production Engineering involves study and application of various manufacturing processes. There are practical and theoretical courses on Manufacturing Techniques namely Forming, Material Removal and Finishing processes and Tool Engineering. The course content is more theoretical rather than mathematical.

Industrial Engineering covers a very wide variety of subjects. It revolves around optimizing the time and resources available for a firm and running their operations. The subjects pertaining to the same are more mathematically intense than Production. Some courses in the curriculum are borrowed from Mechanical - Machine Drawing, Thermodynamics, Fluid Dynamics and Theory of Machines, to name a few.

On an average the workload is 20 hours per week, which gives a lot of time to the students to engage in extracurricular activities in the institute and carry out any research related activities in his/her area of interest.

Students can opt for MBA in Operations (or in general) or pursue MS in any field of Industrial Engineering (Analytics, Optimization, Facilities Systems and Network Planning, Stochastic Modelling and Simulation, Health Systems, Manufacturing, SCM, Operations Research). For those interested in Production, the fields of research include Advanced machining, Ultrasonic machining, Electro Discharge Machining, Submerged Arc Welding, Computer Numerically Controlled machining are the fields for research.

Not more than 10 on-campus offers for internships are offered. A lucky few get to do a fully funded research internship in Germany via DAAD, in Canada via MITAX, and in Japan via HondaYES+.

As far as campus recruitments are concerned, PI students are eligible for almost all data analytic and consultancy firms that visit the campus. Job opportunities are not scarce, but again, there is no free lunch. Roughly, the average pay scale is 6-7 lakhs.

Students get placed in companies across various sectors: Oil and Gas (Shell, Schlumberger), FMCG(ITC), Automotive (TATA Motors, Hero MotoCorp, Anand Automotive, VE Commercials, Mahindra & Mahindra), E-Commerce(Flipkart, Snapdeal), IT(Oracle, Wipro) and other companies visiting the campus offering analytics role in various domains.