Meta, as it is termed in IITR lingo, is better known as the chemical engineering department’s poorer cousin. The metallurgical department undergrads are identified by their strong indulgence in the affairs of the institute and anything which isn’t even remotely related to their branch.

The ability to understand and manipulate materials and their properties is a key factor in any industrial process or technology. Metallurgy is a domain of materials engineering that studies the physical and chemical behaviour of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds and their mixtures called alloys.

The Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department is one of the most active departments in IITR, with multiple societies such as METES & Material Advantage Student Chapter, comprising of both students and faculty.


Since the summer term after third year carries credits for an internship, it would be unwise to ignore this section. Broadly classified into three categories, namely, research, industrial and non-core, students can pursue their interests in this period to align their professional choices. Programs such as MITACS (Canada) and DAAD (Deutschland) provide well-articulated research options abroad. Since these programs are associated with high GPA caps, people opt for cold-mailing professors across continents with similar research interests and enough funding, for the coveted research experience. A faction of students look upon steel giants and other associated industries to grab any opening as a summer trainee. Apart from core ventures, people tend to go for interns in finance sector, consultancy and firms for designing & advertisements as well.


Material Science has immense scope for research, and many graduates opt for Masters or PhDs in the subject of their choice after graduation. A lot of research is undertaken by the professors, in the department, in the self sufficient laboratories. 330+ scores in GRE along with impeccable research profiles have taken our graduates to top research laboratories such as those in Stanford University, UIUC, U of Wisconsin-Madison, Princeton etc.


The placements are satisfactory albeit not good enough to make headlines. As far as the campus placements are considered, students are eligible for almost all data analytic and consultancy firms that visit in the 20-day window when the campus, quite ironically, reflects cold-war & bloodshed. For some years now, Roorkee has been witness to scanty participation by core industries for the Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Dept. but the numbers are expected to turn-around soon. People are placed in consultancies such as ZS Associates, i3 consulting and several found a desk under the roof of IT houses such as Wipro & TCS. Few of our graduates were recruited by Flipkart, and banking & finance institutions such as Capital One, ICICI Lombard. There is abundance of opportunities for those who deserve them but as the saying goes- “thodi fight maarni padti hai!”