Architecture (or Archi, as the inhabitants of this institution put it) is a branch unlike any other branch. The students (Archi waale) enrolled in this program are identified by their strong brotherhood, an unusual affinity to alcohol and presence of unnecessary chart papers in their rooms. Although it may sound a little incredulous, but this is the only branch that has healthy relations between its consecutive years. On the downside, however, there are certain cons that are best left to imagination.
A typical architecture student can be identified by
a) Presence of the most good-looking girls of the campus in their surroundings.
b) Long lethal-looking, dark blue instruments in their hands in the morning.

Architecture is neither a core field of art and humanities, though aesthetics and social context are at its heart; nor is it a core field of science and engineering, though materials and structure are its back bone. Architecture, in a nutshell, is design. Everything else merely helps the design come to life. An architect should be creative and passionate enough to come up with an original idea, while also technically proficient enough to devise a structure for its implementation.

Design is thus the core subject of every architectural course at IITR. It is assisted by art based subjects like colour fundamentals, model making, basic design and applied arts, and science based theories of structural design, climatology, building construction and services. Introductions to many corollary fields like urban design, landscape architecture, interior architecture and computer aided design are also provided. Hard work, consistency and perseverance are the basic needs of the course, with students having to burn the midnight oil on a regular basis.

Most students learn softwares through independent initiative, or with the help of their seniors. What sets the Architecture department apart at IITR is the strong senior junior bonding. Juniors help the fifth yearites with their thesis project, organising themselves in informal groups fondly called as ‘Families’. IIT Roorkee regularly participates in the renowned NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) Convention, where a multitude of architectural competitions are hosted. All the preparatory work, right from the selection of the site to the painstakingly hand drawn charts, is done exclusively by the students.

IIT Roorkee is home to the best architecture department in the country. The rich alumni network, ranging across multiple job profiles including architects, entrepreneurs, construction managers, interior architects, animation and graphic designers, digital design researchers, media Labs researchers, bears testimony to the same. The department remains well connected with the alumni through guest lectures, pep talks, informal get-togethers, or as visiting faculties. This is one of the reasons the department boasts of 100% placement in the last couple of years. These interactions also expose us to the professional world and its opportunities.

Studying Architecture at Roorkee is an entirely different ballgame. It might seem to be challenging at the outset, but rest assured, it will be a ride like no other.